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Home Remedies For Dry Hair!

Everything from pollution to hair dryers can wreak havoc on your hair. If you've noticed your hair becoming dull and brittle, head into your kitchen and try making some of these natural home remedies for dry hair.

Hot Oil Treatment 
Natural oils are some of the best home remedies for dry hair because they're excellent sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and other fatty acids. These vitamins and fatty acids help repair and protect hair from damaging factors. Warm up a small bowl of jojoba oil, olive oil, or almond oil and apply to your hair, concentrating on the most dried and damaged areas first.

Check this Chic bun, perfect for a day at the office

A classic bun is a quick hairstyle for long hair. Hair buns are easy to style and only require a brush, a hair tie, and a few bobby pins.To create a classic bun, brush and gather hair at the top of the head. Using a soft band, tie hair into a ponytail. Take the ponytail and wrap it around the band, securing it with bobby pins. Use a hairspray to keep your style smooth and secure in place for the day.

Dare to Go Red???

Proceed with caution, red hair should only be rocked, if you can handle attention! 

For centuries, red hair has been awed upon because of its rarity. Red hair in all shades is the most mimicked hair colour. Natural red hair comes in shades ranging from strawberry-blonde to fiery red hues and quite a few in between!

Oils For Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, you have probably tried a variety of moisturising hair products. Unfortunately most hair care products labeled "moisturising" only provide a temporary soft coating to your hair that eventually washes out. To get truly moisturised hair, you need to use natural oils for dry hair.Applying oils in the hair is nothing new. People have used natural oils for many purposes for hundreds of years. Our washing and styling routines can quickly deplete our scalp's nourishing oils and lead to dry, frizzy hair.

What Is Your Hair Colour Personality?

Is the redhead inside you just "dyeing" to get out? Choosing hair colour involves more than a simple trip down the beauty aisle of your favourite drugstore. While you may have the sense to select a hair colour that matches your skin tone, do you have the skill to match it to your personality? Take this quiz and find out!


Catwalk Trends

The Most Anticipated Hair Trends For Spring 2013 by Harper's BAZAAR

Tying The Knot
Simple and striking are two ways to describe the tightly wound knots seen on the runway. As hairstylist Guido explained of his low chignon at Ralph Lauren, "It's a very chic, put-together style...This look goes along with what I typically think we create in New York in that it's very American and wearable..." To master your twist, blow-dry hair straight, create a clean center part if wanted, and secure hair into a firm ponytail at the nape, spritzing with shine mist.

Latest Hair Heat Protection Tips from Schwarzkopf

  • Beware: Hair must be dry before you use heat to reshape it. As long as hair is wet its chemical structure is altered. When heat is applied to wet hair it can permanently damage the dandruff layer and the hair structure
  • Before every styling you must therefore apply styling products which protect your hair against heat damage
  • You have the choice of many heat protection products. Some are especially designed to give you straight shiny hair or springy curls and others ensure very gentle styling.

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